Hey, how’s it goin’?! I’m Katelynn + that handsome guy is my husband, Jeff.

Things we love: picking *just the right* snacks for road tripping, self-proclaimed The Office trivia masters, cooking together (ok, let’s face it, Jeff does the heavy lifting), hiking + generally being outdoors, finding a good soft pretzel, Paper Mario + getting to know our couples. We’re a couple of enneagram 6w5’s who love to tell your story with a candid + documentary style approach.

We work together + communicate every single day (hello- if you missed the memo, we're married, y'all!) so you can rest assured that not only do we have your back, but we have each others' back- no random second photographer that you don't know showing up on your big day. We're gonna jive with your energy + strive to give you a genuine experience 


we're the


fAst facTs:

- Winter is our favorite season, there's just something about the smell of snow falling + perfect weather to get cozy!

- We have a German Shepherd named Augustus + three cats named Cringer, Hans + Aki

- We're high school sweethearts- we've been together since 2008! (peep our very first photo together, hello, BABYS!)

- We've probably seen every episode of The Office +
King of the Hill approximately 3,430,684 times

I think we're a good fit!

Get to know us a little better- you trust us to capture your day; take a peek into what makes us tick + the things and people we're passionate about

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